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Pilot features inline management - imagine logging into your web site, clicking on the area you would like to update, and it's done. Made a major mistake in your recent update and want to revert to an older version, no problem! With version control on all content, you can easily choose a previous version of content and publish it to the site. Pilot is content management made simple. With easy-to-use tools and no knowledge of programming or html required!

"It just works. When we want to update content we login, click on the area we want to manage and it's done. Having version management is pretty cool too."
-Ted Holmes HotelBrokerOne.com

Have an eCommerce store and need a simple way to update your products, pricing, and other details - Pilot does that too. Need to keep track of your sales and marketing conversions? Our search engine marketing tool, Orchard, ties directly into Pilot to track your conversions.

Check out this list of great features all built into the CMS. Pilot is your best choice for creating and publishing web content. Make content updates easily and safely while maintaining control over site design and content.

Quick and Easy Image Editing

Spell Check

Resize, change dimensions, upload, flip, crop, rotate, copy, paste, optimize, add text and more. Spell check your text right in the CMS. Comes in particularly handy for users who do a lot of web-based text entry. Store and use your personal word list across your web site.

WYSIWYG Management

Insert clean HTML from other programs

Our web-based editor is so easy to use - What you see is what you get! It lets you edit and style text, add images, embed media (youtube videos, sound clips, etc.), create links, and much more. When text is pasted from a web browser, Microsoft Word, PDF, etc. a lot of unnecessary specific markup is carried across. This can result in web pages that take an unnecessarily long time to download. The clean up HTML option solves this by removing excess markup before pasting the text into your web page.


File management

HTML view is available. If you need quick access to the HTML of your content, we've got you covered. Built in file and directory management. Upload and organize directly on the server.

Search Engine Marketing/Optimization


Pilot is built to be search engine friendly. Standards-based mark-up, clean code, friendly URLs, 301 redirects, robots.txt, easy Google Analytics integration, meta tag editing, and sitemap tools make sure your website can achieve great rankings. Immediate integration with the merchant/payment gateway of your choice. Manage pricing, photos, content, tax, shopping cart details, etc.

Complete Customization and Extendability

Version Management

Adding additional buttons, features, and tools specific to your organizations needs is no issue. We have built all of our tools from the ground up and can extend them in anyway, shape, or form. Automatic archiving of published content. Each time you make a change in your content and hit save, a new version is created. If you make a mistake in a content update, you can revert to an older version. Versioning enables you to compare the performance of different content blocks in search engine results.

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